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Unlock the Power Of Private Lending

Expertly Curated Financial Vehicle for Growth

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Explore Our Project Developments: Discover our commitment to transparency as we provide you with access to building development plans and ongoing progress updates. Stay informed about the stages and timelines of our projects, ensuring clarity and openness throughout the entire process.

Project Transparency 

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Terry Holman

Terry Holman

Chief Executive Officer

Meet The Team

As the CEO, I am responsible for managing the overall resources and operations of the company. With over 42 years experience as a financial advisor coupled with some experience as a real estate developer, I have the skills to curate financial vehicles that provide safety and above market returns for our clients. 

My long career has ranged from being a life insurance agent to working as a stockbroker with a large New York brokerage firm. I am most passionate about helping clients with financial plans and ideas to help them reach their goals. In short, I am a spreadsheet and numbers guy. I’ve been married 54 years to Darlene and have 2 married daughters, 9 grandchildren, and 1 great-granddaughter. One of my greatest pleasures, is I get to work with my daughter Heather Holman Hughes and my son in law Bradley Hughes. We love to travel and spend time with the kids. I enjoy a good game of golf and pickleball.


Tracey Ferguson

Strategic Partner

Since 1995 I have worked in team development and training for the expansion of companies. I started my career as a life insurance agent in 2015. In the fall of 2020 I partnered with Family Offices with a mission to bring financial opportunities the wealthy use to Middle America. By building a national team of financial professionals, we have collectively moved over 100 million dollars, helping hundreds of clients receive above market returns.  I am passionate about helping families create wealth, but I am even more passionate about my 5 adult children.

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Meet Our Venture Partner



The Embry Family has been involved in real estate, land development, construction, and banking for over sixty years in Atlanta. Starting with the three oldest brothers when they returned from WWII. They helped change Atlanta and how new homeowners lived. From building one of the first Planned Unit Developments in the Atlanta area, Embry Hills, to owning and investing in community banks.

To date, there are second and third generation Embry's moving the brand forward in Atlanta and the Southeast. Developments have been awarded by or recognized by the Atlanta Regional Commission, Urban Land Institute, and the Greater Atlanta Homebuilders Association.

Mike Embry  


About & Subscribe

Our Guiding Mission Statements


Safety of Investors Monies

Will Rogers once said” I am more concerned about the safety of my money than the return on my money.”

Our clients have worked hard for their money and protection has always been our number one priority. Whenever we are evaluating a deal, that is always the first question we must address.


    Above Market Returns

Our returns to our clients are usually in double-digit returns. In the 2008 era, all the developers were offering high returns by using leverage. Our philosophy is to never put our client’s money at risk and a safer return is better than chasing higher returns. 


Project Transparency

When you have a program that we are starting from scratch and getting to the stage where we can sell the deal to a big builder so they can come in and start building homes, condos, apartments, industrial and commercial there are a lot of steps. In each deal we do, we will let the client know what stage of the project we are in and the timeline on the selling of the program.

Why do we only do all cash programs?

In 2008 when the real estate market had a very bad downturn and people lost their homes, business, it was the real estate that had bank loans on them that were the ones that lost everything. 

When we do all cash, we own it, and no one can take it from us. If the market does turn down, we can hold it longer until the market comes back. 

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